The Best In Live Music

The Ayala Show is a live music television show broadcast every Friday at 10pm on Irish TV. The show is hosted by singer-songwriter Ayala, who each week introduces three artists of a variety of genres and styles. The first episode was broadcast on Friday, 9 October 2015.

Live in the studio

Each episode features two or three artists, all of whom perform several songs from their repertoire, live in studio. The broadcast episode features a selection of these performances alongside interviews with the artists, while the performances which are not broadcast are uploaded to The Ayala Show’s YouTube channel.

World Famous Location

The show is filmed and recorded in Studio 1 of Battersea Park Studios (formerly known as Sphere Studios). The studio is notable for being the space in which Adele recorded her album, 21.

Friday's 10pm on Irish TV (Sky 191 / Freesat 400 / Online at